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Progress Education Corporation (ProEd) optimizes student performance. ProEd is an achievement management, professional services company - helping educators raise the performance of the students they serve.

Assess, design and plan learning achievement systems.
District Needs Analysis (DNA) through the empirical analysis of performance systems.
Deconstruction of failing learning systems and implementation of effective systems.

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Progress Education Institute
(PEI) - for credit, degree granting, certifying professional development.
Highly qualified; Associates, Bachelors; Masters; and Doctoral Degrees.
Individualized, career-embedded professional development.

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Teacher Toolkit - Web-based, instructional support tool for teachers.
Data Locker - Enterprise, performance management.
Assessment Management Series - Transforms existing electronic, paper-based and authentic assessments into data to improve instruction.

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Enterprise systems architects.
Software integrators for education
Technology strategic planning.
Technology project management.
RFP development and management.

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